Mobile project

Mobile library project

Mobile Library Project

The project aimed at using mobile trailers built as a library room that has books and other publications to facilitate studies to secondary school students. The trailer pulled by special vehicles and be disconnected at a specific school where it stays for a week before sent to the other school. Each mobile library served by a trained officer to manage the services

Mobile library project

Mobile library project

Mobile library project

The project also involves various supporting programs such as school surveys, mobile library essay writing competitions to students and familiarization workshops.

Mobile library project

Mobile library project

Other stakeholders who assisted the operations and implementation of the project include:

1. Teachers Union of Tanzania – TUT

2. Service Marine, Transportation and Railway Authority – SUMATRA

3. Education Book Publishers

4. Pearson Publishers

5. Longhorn Tanzania Limited

6. Ujuzi Books Limited

7. Radar Education Limited

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