Following assessment findings in either government private or third sector dealing with education, the organization intervenes through a specified memorandum of understanding with specified to stakeholders perform capacity building or maintenance project.


Incapacity building the organization has three components;


Aimed at improving
EGG-Tanzania conducts on-the-job coaching to improve the individual's professionals job performance both local & international.


EGG-Tanzania offers education experts who may work as volunteers and who are specifically focused on a single or group of individuals at a given department or unit to teach by doing in a specified period.


EGG-Tanzania has training packages G-pack, P-pack, and T-pack for government, private and Third sector training programs. In collaboration with human resources departments or units, a stakeholder may request specific training in the education sector regarding performance approvals for improvement.


Direct or indirect support projects aimed at connecting shortfalls, shortages of structures or materials especially in underserved areas

Other Projects

EGG-Tanzania also conducts modeling projects aimed at the popular influence of stakeholders for best practices. The organization design and implementing example education base project which are sustainability self-financing and leadership.

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