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Kondoa 2020

Qurban food package distribution

Various people of Kondoa municipal and its neighboring village of Unkuku in Dodoma regions were the benefiters’ of August 2020 Humanitarian Aid project carried out by Education Gauge for Growth Tanzania (EGG – Tanzania) with support from iHH – Humanitarian Relief Foundation of Turkey.

The meat supplied to 2,500 families. The meat came from cows and goats slaughtered at Kondoa municipal abattoir.   Most beneficiaries were old people, orphans, students and villagers who came from academic Institution, schools, orphanage center, religious centers, widows’ center, disabled people and vulnerable people.

The activity is among the mission of EGG Tanzania in promoting and strengthening the education system by supporting and assisting families and students on their social welfare as the process of creating peace and harmony in our Tanzanian society.


Ramadhan 2020

Residents of Kinyenze village, Lugono in Morogoro , Tanzania were among the beneficiaries for year 2020 Iftar/Ramadhan food packages distribution.

This is a part of Humanitarian Aids assistance to the school children and needy community activities sponsored by IHH. More than two hundred families received the packages.

Other beneficiaries included students who are in orphanages center, widowers; disable people – deaf and dumb and other needy people around Morogoro Municipal.

Mzumbe secondary school

Meat distribution in Morogoro municipal

Once again the residents of Morogoro Municipal and its suburbs exclusively orphans, widows, old people, disabled and the general community benefited from meat distribution as part of community food support project.

More than 500 beneficiaries were covered on the distribution.

Food support project aims at giving relief basically to families with school children to enhance health and safety for better academic progress and performance.

qurban packages

Distribution of QURBAN packages

The Qurban and Aqiqah project involves on slaughtering cows, goats and sheep and distribute the meat to targets needy communities during Eid days as to share the happiness of the Eid el Adh-ha and Eid El-fitr to students in boarding schools, colleges, prisoners, orphans, and people with disabilities.

qurban packages

The projects have been in implementation since 2016 in collaboration with our stakeholders from Turkey and Malaysia. It has done in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Dodoma and Singida Regions at various capacities

Qurban packagesQurban packages

Among those benefited include the following institutions and centers:

1. Kilakala High School

2. Morogoro High School

3. Mzumbe High School

4. Police Field Force Unit – Morogoro

5. School Quality Assurance Eastern Zone

6. Al-Aqaba Islamic School

7. Mwinyibaraka Orphanage Centre

8. Eastern Arc Schools – Morogoro

9. Livestock Institute & College