Water Well Projects

Mvomero in Morogoro on 1/03/2018

The water well projects carried by EGG – Tanzania at various places aimed at reducing the suffering from acute shortage of water to students and community members nearby the concerned areas. Creating community access to clean water reserve and improve students’ academic performance by enhancing students at those areas walking to more than one kilometer to find water easily. Sometimes they missed the class session when they are on the exercise.

Bagamoyo In Pwani Region on 26/08/2017

Water well construction

Kilindi village in Singida on 25/08/2016

These projects have brought a big impact to schools, health centers, and communities around where water – well constructed. In some other places a water distributions center established with more than five other points scattered around the village.  The projects are a huge blessing, so they don’t believe that they could collect water within school surroundings.

Kikonge village in Singida on 25/04/2019

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