• Ms, Barbra-Ann Scrupps, the Operations Manager at Radar Education Ltd officiates the Radar Educations' donation of secondary schools text books to the Executive Director of Education Gauge for Growth – Tanzania. Mr. Mpinga to support the implementation of the Mobile Library Services Project

  • Scramble for books as the Mobile library opens at Buyuni Secondary School in Ilala Municipal - Dar es Salaam. Every student strugles to pick at least a copy of a book

  • The teacher on duty Madame Florence Mwandepa at Buyuni secondary school anounces before students gathering to introduce the executive director Mr. Mpinga to introduce the project and the field officers (librarians)

  • Buyuni Secondary school students in lines to get books from the mobile library facility. Students and teachers use the facility for free

  • Scramble for books as the Mobile library opens at Buyuni Secondary School in Ilala Municipal - Dar es Salaam. Every student strugles to pick at least a copy of a book


Through the Vision 2025, Tanzania aspires to be a nation with high quality education at all levels, a nation which produces the quantity and quality of educated people sufficiently equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to solve the society's problems, meet the challenges of development and attain competitiveness at regional and global levels.

In light of this corporate vision, education is considered to be a strategic agent for mindset transformation and realization of the Vision.

With respect to the growth of demand for access to education, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has been responding to fill the gaps using the stated comprehensive strategic Vision 2025. In light of these responses, the expansion of secondary education has grown so rapid. This has particularly been due to the recently established ward based community secondary schools, otherwise known as “sekondari za kata” in the context of the Secondary Education Development Plan (SEDP) policy currently pursued by the Government of Tanzania.

It is obvious that the head count enrolments have increased in the context of scarce resources and hence a dire need for school infrastructure including the reading materials both basic and supplementary. There is serious scarcity of standard inputs as shown by many instances of low textbook to student ratios across schools and subject areas. Both students and teachers in these ward based secondary schools have serious deficiencies in access to books both basic and supplementary.

Among the strategic approaches the Government of Tanzania enforces to realize the 2025 Vision is to promote partnership between industry. 

In response to this national call, as well as from a helping hand enthusiasm, this is an area where EGG – Tanzania wishes to intervene by initiating a Countrywide Mobile Library Project). Education Gauge for Growth - Tanzania establishes from a spirit that, there are a lot of challenges which can be reduced or eliminated through working in partnerships, sharing knowledge, experience and resources than endless futile argumentations.


Other significant benefits of the Mobile Library Project.

The mobile library project is planned to unfold other various benefits with regards to providing access to reading materials to the community.


i)  Creation of Community Learning Centers:

The mobile library will need a feeder centre at each district. The feeder centers will be the nodes or hubs for school clusters that will be serviced by the mobile libraries. The centers will function not like bonded warehouses; rather they will be established as Education Centers in respective districts whereby, students, teachers, researchers, distant learners and the neighboring community will benefit from having space to access of various reading materials.

ii) Promoting reading culture in the community


It is not new to see an American or European picking a little book to read on transport facilities such as trains, city commuter buses, airplanes; or in hotels and airport lounges. It is quite the opposite in Africa, Tanzania included. One can travel long distances such as using road from Tunduma which is in the extreme South-West of Tanzania to Arusha, an extreme North of Tanzania either asleep, chatting on mobile phones, watching videos and biodiversities and non biotic nature which remain the same all trips he/she makes. A big surprise is that you can learn none of the passengers who possess a piece of book!  Education Gauge for Growth - Tanzania is determined and highly dedicated to provide mobile library services professionally in the country while harnessing knowledge and experiences from others in the industry within and outside the continent of Africa. In so doing we hope apart from students who are primary beneficiaries, the project will serve to cultivate reading culture to the community.